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Thank you for dropping by my home and heart on the web. My first novel was published back in 1993. Some wonderful things happened in my life before then, but even more exciting moments have come my way since holding that first book with my name on the cover in my trembling hands and with tears of joy trickling down my face.

It has been a long journey since I first started my writing. There have been days when it was sheer hard work and learning the craft of writing novels, days of delight and days of tears. These have all balanced out when my characters' come alive in my heart and mind so the words simply fly onto the pages. I do enjoy sharing what I have learnt (sometimes the hard way) about writing with other writers and readers during speaking appointments and writing workshops.

Perhaps I'll meet you someday at a book-signing or speaking appointment?

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  • All my Heartsong Present books are currently out of print but available again as e-books, including on Amazon through Barbour's Truly Yours Digital Editions. Read details about them here and check out my video book trailers on YouTube for my three Baragula books and The Southland Series for my four historical e-books.
  • New editions of the Baragula series are being planned, the three paperback books are becoming harder to find in bookshops but a limited number are still available from myself. Contact me for details.
  • I am still writing and at least two more new books should be released in the near future. For latest news, check my blog.
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